Vatche Serourian - Biography

3D animations for TV commercials, character animation, visual effects, 3D tracking, 3D programming for Live presentations and show, documentaries and editting.

Vatche Serourian, creative director of the 3D motion graphics department of Télé Liban - Beirut - Lebanon since 2004.

He has been working on 3D Studio Max since 1991. He works on many well known packages like Maya, PFTrack, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects,Illustrator, Particle Illusion, Quest3D, Ventuz, Poser, Sound Forge, Sonicfire, Fruitty Loops, Lumion, 3D Som, Mocha and others. He also covered a lot in particles and scripts like Thinking Particles, Particle flow, Glue and Realflow.

He does animations for Broadcast TV, Films, Publicity, Documentaries, Live touch presentations and programming 3D animations.

He also worked videography and video editing for more than 10 years, and provides very professional retouching and designs for Magazine pages.

He started as a programmer in the beginning, so, he also designs professional interactive dynamic websites for US customers.

This website apart from others are all designed by himself. He also runs a full 24/7 radio station in the US, - - copyright 2014 - all rights reserved